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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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2 years
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hair removalx1, skin tone test systemx1, gogglesx1, adapterx1, user manualx1, operation DVD and velvet pouchx1 ( product in kind prevail )
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Thanks for purchasing Home IPL hair removal delicately manufactured by
(Hereby refers to ) home IPL hair removal will give you a long term
solution to permanent hair reduction.

Please read the instruction carefully before using and preserve it well for future reference;
Please install, utilize and operate the device in accordance with the instruction;
Any questions, please call our service hot-line ;
Further information, please visit:

1. Contraindications

Not for pregnant women, or in menstrual period, in suckling period or people with scar diathesis;
Not for patient with heart disease, hypertension, malignancy, infectious skin disease, skin with
burns and anti-coagulopathy;
Not for person with photosensitization history or diabetes;
Not for person who has depilated in other methods in the past 6 weeks;
Not for person used skin whitening products or products with vitamin A in the past 1 week;
Not for person who has taken essential oil treatment at the same time;
Not for person who has taken Aspirin, immunosuppressant and used photaesthesia drugs( like
tetracycline, sulphonamide);
Not for person who has been exposed to strong sunlight in the past 2 weeks;
Nor for sensitive areas, like mucosa etc; and private positions, like upper eye-lid, lip, nipple and
vagina etc;
Not recommend the minors to use it.


2. Operation Cautions

Wear goggles during the operation. Do not look at the twinkling light or light to eyes directly;
During the treatment, it is normal to have some skin redness, suggest to use ice pad after treatment;

Before operation, use alcohol cotton pad or swab to disinfect the treatment window, but do not
spray alcohol directly on the treatment window;
To avoid destroying the device, please do not apply gel or other cosmetics on treated areas
during the treatment;
Try not eating light-sensitive food, like spinach, cole, mustard, etc. during the treatment;
Adjust the energy level from low to high. On condition of safety, the higher energy level; the better
result. For dark skin, the skin reaction may be delayed. Thus shall not raise the energy level too quickly;
Use skin moisture and sun block product after phototherapy treatment;
Avoid exposuring by ultraviolet light in using period, protect skin from the sun and avoid the
computer radiating with skin moisture and sun block product in daily work;

During the use, do not shield the air intake and louver to impact heat dispassion;
In the operation, if the hair or bolt pastes on the plastic of the lighting window edge, will cause the plastic
of the lighting window edge black or black spot, but cannot affect product function and normal use;
In the latter period of specified life, it's normal that the in wall of lamp turns black; it's the aging process
for lamp. The weaken rate of power is still in the specified scope, the device still can work normally ;
In the latter period of specified life, it's normal that the in wall of lamp turns black; it's the aging process
for lamp. The weaken rate of power is still in the specified scope, the device still can work normally;
The product is not water-proof, so please do not use in bathroom, shower or any other places in
which the instrument may be watered;

In case that the instrument is soaked please send it back to the factory for examination to
determine whether it is repairable. In case that the instrument is electrified when it is soaked,
please power off before touching the instrument for your safety;
Avoid keeping it in places where there is a strong magnetic field or electric wave occurred, or
places in high temperature.


3. Life time reminder system

There is a life time reminder system in device; and the total life time is 100,000 flashes. Indicators
of two sides will flash once every time when turn on the device if shots emitting reach or more
over 50,000 flashes;
Indicators of two sides will flash three times every time when turn on the device if shots emitting
reach or more over 100,000 flashes.


4. Skin tone test system


Skin tone test system is used for
skin tone type test and offering
power level suggestion;


a. Battery inside, no need charging;
b. Use alcohol cotton swab or cleaning cloth to clean and disinfect the test window;
c. Let the test window touch treated areas or the areas with the similar skin color flatly then
press the turn on/off button;
d. The skin type display will show what skin type by indicator;
e. Skin tone test for more than 2 time to make sure test results accurately.
f. The skin tone sensor is only applicable for devices. The skin tone test results
are just reference for similar devices from other companies.


5. Patch test

24 hours before treatment check for any reaction by treating a small area first (Consult the
Treatment Level and Times Comparisons Table);
 For initial operation, choose a small area on arm; treat the area in each power level up to the
maximum power level for your skin type (repeat 1-2 shots on the same area);
 If there is any redness and swollen, burnt scares, change of hair follicles, irritation or any other
discomfort, do not use the instrument before a thorough consultation with doctors;
 If no skin abnormity after 24 hours, feel strong hotness, then the last low level is the most proper
energy for your skin. Please do regular treatments.


6. Product introduction

A. Packaging
hair removalx1, skin tone test systemx1, gogglesx1, adapterx1, user manualx1, operation DVD
and velvet pouchx1 ( product in kind prevail ) .

B.Main parameters 


 Input Power: 35W;
 Voltage Rating: 100V-240V;
 Rated Frequency Range: 50Hz/60Hz;
 Storage temperature: 0℃-45℃;
 Working temperature: 5℃-35℃;
 IPL Wavelength Range: >510nm.


C.Main structers 




D. P roduc t func tions i ns truc tions
Application: Lip hair, armpit hair, body hair and legs, hair on places that affecting looks such as
hair line on forehead and bikini area. For the group with black or dark brown hair, not for white,
grey, red or light brown hair.

Skin Color Comparison Table

E . Operation s teps
(1) Use alcohol cotton pad or swab to disinfect shaver;
(2) Connect to the power;
(3)Press the power button for a while to turn on the device;
(4)Press power adjusting button to choose suitable power level;

Note: Adjust from level 1 to level 5; level 1 is the weakest, level 5 is the strongest.
(5) Place treatment window on treated area flatly; it's ready to press lighting button when light emitting indicators on. During operation, make sure no shots overlapping or missing on treated area, repeat the whole treatment for 2-3 times;
(6) Press turn on/off button to turn off device, then cut off the power;
(7) Use alcohol cotton swab or cleaning cloth to clean and disinfect treatment lamp.


7. Operation procedure and suggestion

A. Suggestions for power level selecting and operation times
Two successive shots on underarms area or people with light skin tone ;
When the power level is higher, the operation times should be cut down properly;
Stop operation when treated area appears slightly redness and evenly warm feeling.


Treatment Level and Times Comparison Table

B . T reatment protocol

On average, 6-10 treatments;
For the first 3 to 5 sessions, spaced every 2 to 3 weeks;
For the 6-10 sessions, spaced every 4 to 6 weeks;
 After that treatments should be done if hairs have grown back, until the desired results are
The treatment interval is different from each other; the next treatment can be taken after 30%
hairs grow back.


8. Simple Trouble-shooting
When fault occurs during the usage of the instrument, users can follow the following guidance to
eliminate some simple faults; if the problem can not be solved after all steps are finished, please
contact the Customer Service Department of the Company so as to solve faults as soon as possible.
 Failure of Start-up
Please check the adapter whether connected well.
 Failure of lighting
Please confirm the temperature of instrument head is above 35℃;
Please make sure the treatment window touches skin properly, and whether the emitting light
indicator turns light.

Failure of energy level adjustment

When adjusting the energy level, if the levels are adjusted more repeatedly, please do the
treatment after three minutes.
Light emitting indicator on the two sides is always on
Please check whether the induction part of the head of the instrument is placed in the area in
where the metal parts or induction capacitance effects exist.
In case of abnormal situation or failure of fault elimination
Please contact our company or our local office and inform the purchase date. We will give you a
reply as soon as possible.


9. Warranty
(1)Warranty Period
24 months since the date of purchase.
(2)Warranty Scope
Within the warranty period, the company will provide free maintenance or replacement of the
product for you. Other faults resulted from abnormal use and force majeure are not within the
warranty scope. (Note: there is no warranty for the device if the life time of lamp is over.)
(3) Warranty Limits
If need product repair in the warranty period, should offer valid purchase invoice and warranty
card. The start date of warranty period refers to the time on purchase invoice. If no clear

purchasing date, can refer to ex work time.
If returned product damaged during shipping because incorrect packaging, free repair will not be
The repaired products continue to enjoy the free warranty; Less than 3 months before the
deadline of free warranty period, the replaced parts can enjoy free warranty for 3 months since
the replaced date.
The broken replacement parts belong to .
Users should keep away the warranty card and purchase card, not be reissued if lost
is not responsible for the following situations, which are not in warranty scope
a. Faults or damages resulted from fire, earthquake, behavior of third party, or resulted from
users' misuse on purpose or carelessly, other abnormal use conditions and unpredictable
b. The incidental damages for product function or usage (such as loss of business benefit,
interruption of business which includes the cost of product usage loss, any replaced appliance
or service, or clients' claims.
c. Damages resulted by not following the Instruction.
d. Also Includes : supplier's uncontrollable situations; problems occurred by using accessories,
parts, or replacements not offered by supplier; occurred by unauthorized changes and service;
occurred by misuse, abuse, or not following the instruction to operate, repair of disassemble
device offered by supplier.

e. Faults or damages resulted from unspecified working conditions, including exceed workload.
f. User's improper storage (like damages caused by rats or liquid infiltration).
(4)Technical Matters of Product

10. Type and Degree of Responsibilities for Unexpected Events

Abide by the relevant laws and regulations.